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The Potential of a Seed ~ Plant People are in the Seed Business By Default

This is a message about boundaries. It’s also a message about standing in your power and continuing to express yourself as a human. Boundaries are not often taught to children - or adults for that matter. Expressing oneself is also minimized too….we don’t want to insult someone now, do we???

What is a boundary? A simple example is if a child (any child really) walked up to you and started going through your purse; that is a clear boundary fail and is an example of a physical boundary that was crossed. You don’t rummage through other people’s stuff without permission. Think of parents going through a diary of a child…..same thing. Energetic boundaries can be crossed as well for example when someone decides to sign you up for a class and you didn’t ask them to (perhaps they were just trying to be nice) There are a cajillion examples, but the important thing to realize is boundaries are important barriers we have as individuals that make us, US. We don’t need someone thinking for us, giving us things we didn’t ask for (except presents!), putting expectations on us that aren’t fair, that make us feel unworthy, or small. Get my gist?

happy sprouts in the grow dome

When I first started learning about the plants, I of course like many, thought all the people in my life wanted to know about them too. I mean, why not, right? These plants offer up healing for everyone and why wouldn’t people want to heal? Besides the fact that is a LOADED question since many are happy in their unhealthy lives identifying with their issues and using it as a crutch, a barrier, for attention etc etc, many have a clear sense of what they DON’T want to do, which is listen to anyone else besides their doctor or perhaps what they find out in their own research….whatever the case, it’s ok. You don’t cross that boundary unless they ask for it. It’s fruitless for one thing, why waste your time? Just plant seeds. Seeds grow in the right environment and some people just need to come into information on their own (or seemingly when seeds are planted). So I’ve learned to ‘chuck’ seeds at people which means, if health comes into the conversation or if I discuss a research paper I read, or a plant I have been using because this is what I like talking about, I talk about it in a way that isn’t directed at the person but as if I am talking to anyone. Like “did you know dandelion leaves were eaten as food quite often in the past and many still eat them regularly? I found that the leaves help the kidneys detoxify, and the roots support digestion”. I don’t try to tell people what they should do offering up non-solicited information. Don’t give people remedies for which they didn’t ask and don’t sue words like ‘should’. It implies that the person is guilty of something. Not cool in my book. There are many ways to talk about the things that interest you without proselytizing. While some may believe you are preaching anyway for whatever reason (ego, stubbornness, goes against ‘what the doctor said”) when you set healthy boundaries for yourself and people still act defensive you can be sure it’s not you, but their hang-up. It helps you see things more clearly. These ‘hang-ups are interesting, don’t you think? There is an undercurrent of ideology that is inherent in some people I find fascinating. This is IMO about the indoctrination that goes on insidiously in the media pushed by corporate entities. Remember in one of my last posts about the Flexner Report and the vilification of natural medicine that ensued…..that was a seed (bad seed) that was planted in the minds of the people to give less credence to the traditional modes of healing to be replaced by the modern more efficacious ‘healing’ modalities of petro-chemical pharma medication that clearly put people at a disadvantage in regards to their health (not in all cases of course and especially now with the over-prescribing of medications and disregard to getting to the source of the issue) and giving up their power to another. It was a business move and Mr. Bayer and Mr. Standard Oil knew exactly what they were doing. Traditional healing allowed for people to find their medicine too, and it wasn’t so out-of-reach. (and yes, it worked, even antibiotic plants!) We can’t have empowered people now, can we? The repercussions of empowered people to society and corporate control is contrary to the business model. This is ongoing today and the inherent ideology it created is a bulwark to re-learning what was lost and even just being open to it. Herbal medicine has been put through the ringer, but has NEVER disappeared from our society, it just isn’t ‘in the news’. Personally, the ‘news’ is what is NOT talked about in main stream circles and often left out of conversations by design.

So in this age of cancel culture with many paralyzed by fear and the narrative that leaves people helpless and hopeless (while modern medicine subverts treatments and keeps people sick) keep learning about how to empower yourself with the plants (and mushrooms) and keep planting those seeds (good seeds). Humanity needs you. The natural world needs you.


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