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So You're thinking about taking herbs, eh?

So you have had this condition or dis-ease or annoyance or whatever you want to call it and you have heard about herbs from this person then that person and now you are interested. You may have researched your “condition” online or in the library and think you have wrapped your head around it and now have decided to try the natural route. Or maybe you haven’t a clue as to why your feel the way you do, but are disappointed by your doctors and the pills and the poking. OR maybe you just want to try herbs just for the heck of it. How ever you got to this place is very individual and not really that important.

So you find a local herbalist and schedule a consultation. After the talking and answering a myriad of questions the herbalist has suggested a protocol explicitly geared for you. Your body type, your complaints, your everything. You go home and drink your tea or take your extracts more or less how the herbalist has suggested you do for about 2 weeks. You feel no different. You actually might feel worse. You get discouraged and stop. You feel hopeless and helpless.

This is a HUGE misconception. Taking herbs for two weeks or even one month may not do a thing for you because truly only you can help YOU. Any herbal protocol (at least most) takes willpower, takes commitment and takes above all else time. Herbs are NOT a substitute for pharmaceuticals. Not by a long shot. There isn’t a magic herb that will work just like your pill and make you fell better until you feel worse. Herbs work with the body to help it heal itself. But the herbs do not work alone. A good herbalist will give dietary suggestions and life-style changes, if necessary, that will benefit you directly. This is where the big commitment is. In my experience most “conditions” are associated with diet and life-style, no doubt about it. Some people do not want to change even a smidge of what they are doing to better themselves and some just don’t know how. Using an herbal protocol as food & tools is a great way to get healthy and heal the body & mind. And most herbs work gently so it is suggested that any herbal protocol be executed for at LEAST 2 or 3 months.

Herbs are a wonderful way to get healthy, ----herbs for food, herbs for life---if your ready for commitment and ready to seriously want to feel better and stop relying on others to do so; herbs are a great way to do it.

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