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With all the talk of politics these days, I felt this title was very fitting and for other reasons too. I am going forward myself. For 2 years I have been on the precipice, ready to plunge and I finally feel movement. The world of herbalism came so suddenly into my life, I have felt it swept me so fast, I wasn’t sure where I was going to land. Finding my niche in this world of Green is something I strive for and finally think I have found it. The beautiful and harmonious land of Misty Meadows called to me and I went running. Wendy Snow Fogg is a mentor and a friend and instrumental in my an act of divine intervention, crazy, and karmic......and so it began.

Much needs to be said about the shedding of ones skin. Letting go of current ways of thinking and embracing the old is liberating, logical and necessary. Using herbs was the primary way of aiding the sick for thousands of years. Plants were used with success. No doubt modern medicine has made advancements, but the plants still have a place. There are so many examples, but things like insomnia, IBS, celiacs, menopause, PMS, general pain & inflammation of all sorts, heart dis-ease, the list goes on and on...... Many people try herbs once and if there is no success they give up....with herbs it is sometimes a trick to get the right herbs matched up to the right person....every person is different, but if the patient is patient, well.....I have seen some great results.

This is a testing of tumultuous feelings coming to the surface....a time of ambivalence with contradictory opinions flying every which way. When I feel tested, I journey within. To center and focus on who I am, my relationship to the world, my ambitions and goals and most importantly my reason for being. Sitting in quiet space helps me reflect and focus, but it is also a time to listen. Listening to those all around me; helping me on this path.

What I have come to determine is that my path is very much like a bridge connecting two opposite sides of the river. It is not an easy place to be, but it is an important one. As we enter into the 5th world we will be transitioning into a new way of thinking, learning & being. The time is now....out with the old and in with the new! But this ‘new’, well, is really old. The ways of our ancestors, the Native Americans, the ancient cultures of the past knew how to live on the land, connect with our Mother and be one with her. The time has come when our civilization depends upon our connection to Her. Both of our survivals depend on it.....



Thursday, November 29, 2012


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