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Spring Cleaning

After the long, cold, stagnant winter of hibernation the Spring is the perfect time to clean out the pipes! Being cooped up inside for months, the body is inundated with bacteria and viruses during the Winter season. We are all on the mend by the end of Winter and a great way to spring into Spring is by cleansing the body of all the toxins that have had a chance to build up in our lungs, liver, kidneys and lymphatic system.

Some may choose to do a serious cleanse by fasting for two weeks only to drink water, lemon juice with a pinch of cayenne pepper for breakfast and lunch and a simple clean meal for dinner. Some may skip the food entirely. This is not for most people. This can make you feel great after the two weeks, but it takes willpower and stamina, much of which many of us lack. But not to fret! You can still significantly & effectively detoxify your body without all that fasting by using herbs.

My Spring Clean blend is a great place to start. A combination of red clover (a blood cleanser), calendula (a lymphatic cleanser), burdock & dandelion root (for liver cleansing), nettles (for nutrition and for kidney cleansing), and yellow dock (more for the liver and also the gall bladder and colon). I love this blend! 1 quart of this tea per day, simple and clean meals, and daily 20 minute workouts, will restore vitality and put the spring back in Spring!

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