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About Me

Sara blissfully in her garden

I began my journey into herbalism at a young age.  Always spending hours in the woods near my rural home of Alton, NH - I found sanctuary there - spending time with the trees and plants of the forest; hours of walking along logging roads of past and present closely observing mosses & ferns on the forest floor; maneuvering through gnarled roots, streams, and glacial till and just feeling at home, at peace.  With my father’s love of subsistence gardening and my grandmother’s love of ornamentals, I came by it honestly. There was always something missing to me though. Always something in the back of my mind prompting me to take it a step further. 


After much reading and experimenting with the plants on my own, I became an herbalist in the Summer of 2008.  I completed the seven-month Herbal Apprenticeship and finally found the few stepping stones that would become my path.  I continue my herbal journey learning, healing, and being in contact with people who seek healing as well as give it.   I also became an ordained minister receiving my certificate from the Universal Life Church in 2008.  This allows me to do hands-on healing channeling the universal life force of Reiki in the Usui- Tibetan Enhanced Tradition. I continue to participate in workshops, conferences and classes to hone my skills as a  healer and broaden my knowledge as an herbalist.  


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