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Safe Vaccination

Ever since I became pregnant with my first child, I researched vaccines and their safety profiles.  My 20+ year experience researching, reading, watching, learning, I realized how flawed our system is regarding vaccines and how completely corrupt our three letter agencies truly are as they cow-tow to corporate power and implement medications including vaccines that enrich themselves and their corporate donors with little if any regard to total health outcomes of our population.   With respect, I implore you to read this information with non-biased eyes, removing the programming from main stream media that tells you that if you question vaccines, you question science and you are an anti-vaxxer or even worse, a baby killer, because the reality is VERY different.  Every one of us (mostly) has come to this knowledge because we have injured children. The injuries are real and the burden on families is unjustifiable. So please read to understand and learn with an open heart and mind. 

This 8-page article was extensively researched and contains references and links so you can verify the information yourself. I also include people, websites, books, and other resources so you can do your own research. 


Purple Flower

Click to find out more information about the the CDC childhood schedule and how it has changed over the years, excipient lists of all the vaccines on the schedule and FOIA requests for safety research. 

Yellow Calla

This page will explain HPV and how administration of this vaccine has brought about an uptick in vaccine injuries. 

Branch of Flowers

This page will give you links to research and commentary from some of the worlds leaders in vaccine research including doctors, biologists, and virologists.

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