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Classes & Workshops

I offer an array of classes on herbs, and herbalism, nutrition and ways to get your body back into balance. I also host several guest teachers who offer classes in numerology, pendulum basics, meditation, and more. Join my email list or check back often to stay up to date of all my class offerings as they change with the seasons!


24 hour cancellation notice is required for full refund for all classes & workshops. If you cancel after 24 hours prior to the class, registration fee is non-refundable. If dire circumstances arise, this policy may be negotiable.

Please call or email for all cancellations. 

Classes & Workshops


I'm teaching with two Institutes online. 

Click the links to find out more and increase your knowledge. 


IPAK-EDU Teacher & Affiliate

Click link for Educational Opportunities

A Journey Into NeuroHealth Starts January 17th 2024!

Gaeta Institute 

Nature First, Drugs Last 

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Online Classes

Offered exclusively by

Sacred Tree Herbals
Sara Woods Kender Instructor

Online Clases

On-Going Classes

Forest Trees

Become an Herbalist

A Journey with the Plants to Find Your Roots

A 7-month herbal education spanning from April to November.  $1900

Mentorships at Sacred Tree

Flexible schedule

Learn at your own pace

Learn Herbal Medicine One on One


Mentorships at Sacred Tree Herbals


Hello and thank you for your interest in the plants!  Plant medicine is amazing and I am so happy you are delving into this topic so vitally important! Empowering yourself with your health as well as gaining knowledge of plant medicine to help those around you creates a shift of balance toward stewardship of the earth and all she provides. To know is to protect and she can use all she can get!  Mentorships at Sacred Tree are a bit different than the 7-month Apprenticeship offered annually. Mentorships are exclusive one on one time with me at the shop, or in the fields and forest harvesting and talking about the plants. Each day with me will vary as to the topics, the plants, the formulations and product making that comes up. Below is a basic list of skills you will acquire and topics we will discuss in regards to plant medicine and product making.


The breakdown of the mentorships is as follows:


Each session will include:


One on one training

Flexible scheduling

Start to build your Materia Medica

Learn basic herbal preparations

Hands on learning

Learn how to identify plants

Learn the plants in the region and how to use them as medicine and food

How to wild forage

Learn targeted herbal preparations for system imbalances 

Learn about Herbal Energetics and how to formulate based upon this concept


6 Session:  6 full days of learning plant medicine with me in the shop and out in the fields and forests foraging and identifying plants. $ 720

12 Sessions: 12 full days of learning plant medicine with me in the shop and out in the fields and forests foraging and identifying plants. $1440


18 Sessions: 18 full days of learning plant medicine with me in the shop and out in the fields and forests foraging and identifying plants. $2160


You are required to be present for the whole day for each session. Each session will be scheduled at mine and your convenience and will be here at the shop in Meredith, or at my land in Belmont. All topics listed will not necessarily be covered each day. I will require homework during the time we are not together. This mentorship will require you to do some research on your own to be discussed with me during our next time together. There is no set homework topic list as these topics come up as we go. The topics will vary, but follow a basic guideline of body systems and common imbalances of these systems. 


Extended Herbal Training

Form a deeper understanding of plant medicine and clinical intake skills

These two class series are for herbal practitioners seeking to hone their skills at intake, learn more about phytochemicals and plant constituents and what they do in the body and how to make more effective medicine using this information, get more in-depth knowledge about modern diseases, and how to use herbs to facilitate healing and bring balance in a more effective and (w)holistic way.


The Teaching Circle is an extension of the Advanced Herbal Series where you get to continue practicing intake skills. See below for all dates.

Intermediate Skills and

Advanced Medicine Making


Plant Constituents - 2 part Series $333 - Learn the basic elements of life and how they form the phytochemical in plants and the therapeutic actions those chemicals have in the body. We will also discuss the proper technique for making double extractions with mushrooms (and other herbs as well) as well as discuss other ways of making extractions: increase ratios for stronger medicine, percolation, fluid extracts, and soxhlet extracts. You must commit to both dates.

2023 DATES: February 19th & February 26th


Advanced Herbal Series
~Client Intake Skills/Teaching Circle~


$555 - This 3-part series go through basic Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostic Techniques to help you hone in on imbalances in the body. We will also discuss basic Ayurvedic doshas and body constitutional theory (we will also discuss William Lassasier's constitutional theory) in order to assess a persons energetics for better formulation.  The first class I will walk you through assessing face, tongue, nails, and pulses and constitutional theory. The second class delves deeper into some of the modern dis-eases we see regularly as Herbalists, and the third class will be the beginning of the Teaching Circle, where we sit in circle with a client and assess and formulate. You can stay on and participate in the other Teaching Circle dates, which require a $40 practitioner fee for each Circle. The basic Fee of $555 covers the three classes, not the extra Circles held typically on Sunday per month. You must commit to all dates. 

2023 DATES: March 12, 19, 26



*Teaching Circle Clinic dates are planned according to participants availability.  Email me for more information. Clients come for free, practitioners come and practice. Hone your intake and formulation skills in the group setting. This starts after the Advanced and is for Advanced students or other Herbalists interested in more experience in a clinical setting.


$40 per practitioner per class date.

2023 dates:   TBD 10am-3pm. 


Sign up for one Clinic or's up to you. 

Skills you will learn

*TCM diagnostic techniques - face, tongue, nail, pulse 

*Plant constituents - what they are and what they do in the body

*Advanced formulation techniques

*A deeper understanding of how the emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies manifest dis-ease

*Herbal Energetics and how to apply those to an individuals energetics to create more effective blends

*The importance of client connections and building a solid relationships and boundaries

*Building deeper connections with the plants

*Learning more about modern diseases - Lyme Disease, Heart Dis-ease, Type II diabetes and many others

*And so much more!

Personal Weed Walk

I come to you......



Hire me to come to your house. Invite friends to split the cost. I will walk your property and ID edible & medicinal plants and how to use them for food and medicine.

I do house calls!  Ever wonder what medicinal and edible plants live around you?  Schedule me and I will come to you for 2 hours. Invite friends and family too!  Limit 15 people. 

Call the shop or email me to schedule


Wild Flowers
Natural Herbs

Kitchen Witchery

Tap in to your Inner Witch

$75 Per class

Learn Medicinal Tea Blending, Tincture making, Herbal skincare Basics, Syrups, Fire Cider& More!

Kitchen Witchery Basics - This 4 part herbal series takes place at Sacred Tree Herbals. You will learn product-making skills as taught in the Herbal Apprenticeship, so in essence, this is an abridged version of the apprenticeship.


You will learn:


*Basic Tea Blending;

*How to Make an Herbal Extracts (Tinctures);

*Skin Care - Salves & Lotions;

*Syrups, Fire Cider & Oxymels 

Sign up for one or all three.  
$75 per class OR $250 for all 4.


Dates: SUNDAYS 10:00am -12:00pm


11/13/22 - Tea Blending


11/20/22 - Tincture Making PLUS Syrups & Vinegar Extracts (combining TWO classes)

10:00 am-2:00pm

(RATE WILL BE $150 for both or $75 for one)


12/4/22 - Skin Care

Click 'add to cart' to purchase a class or workshop. Just fill in the proper amount provided in the drop-down menu. 



Upcoming Events

  • Get Cultured!
    Get Cultured!
    Wed, May 29
    May 29, 2024, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    Meredith, 94 Main St, Meredith, NH 03253, USA
    May 29, 2024, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    Meredith, 94 Main St, Meredith, NH 03253, USA
    A Pop-up Event demonstration on how to make your own fermented vegetables at home. Tasting and other light snacks. Fermentation kits available.
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