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Woods Kender

Herbal Consults

Herbal Consult


Do you have a chronic condition you would like to address without drugs or do you want to integrate your health choices with herbal medicine? Scheduling a consultation is a great way to get your health on track.  I will spend at least an hour and a half talking with you about your diet, general life-style,  history and what ever else comes up.  I treat the whole person, not just the symptoms.  Herbs are powerful medicine working with your body, not against it. Click the link to email me and book an appointment or for more detailed information.


Shamanic Reiki


Receive healing from the universal life force. Reiki healing is an amazing gift and can get to those parts of the body where your trauma resides; balance your chakras and get to the underlying stuck energies that cause dis-ease.

I have been trained by Reiki Masters in the Usui Tibetan Enhanced Tradition and infuse each session with the energy and guidance of my healing guides, ancestors, and archangels of the higher realms. A Shamanic Reiki Session also encompasses Plant Spirit Medicine, where I will see plants chosen especially for you to be either taken as whole plant medicine or a flower essences, or both. I have also been gifted Munay-Ki attunements that increase the connection to the higher realms. This combination of intensified healing energies helps to bring balance to your body, release stuck trauma and negative attachments. With your open mind and heart Reiki has the ability to heal at the deepest level and gets to the source of your imbalances. No amount of Reiki can heal you less you become an active participant and weaver of your own life's tapestry. I can facilitate and channel this life force, but you are ultimately the one that can make a difference in your life. Anyone touting anything different is continuing the same dysfunctional thinking in our world today. Don't give up YOUR power.

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Advanced Shamanic Session

Advanced Shamanic Session
1 1/2 ho

New offering! 

Receive deep healing and tools to use to continue your healing and release of stuck trauma. These deep healing sessions are an integral part of the healing process.  The longer session is a follow-up to an initial Shamanic Reiki session and is essential to promoting chakra balance and addressing root causes of trauma giving you tools to move forward. These tools come up during the session as Spirit guides me.  They can be breath work exercises, meditations, and other rituals or ceremonies that further the release so you can remain balanced between sessions.  

Reiki energy can do much to bring you contentment, release, and soul healing, but it also takes YOU as the initiator and manager of your health to keep the energy going to reach your health goals. 

YOU are the driver of your path. 

YOU have the courage and initiative to reach your goals.

YOU can do this!

When you book a session let us know you want the Advanced Healing. 



Psychic Readings

$60/half hour


I am a psychic medium and Tarot card reader. The readings I offer are a combination of a Tarot reading and a mediumship reading infusing messages from a loved one, a guide (or both), your higher self or the higher self of someone in your life. Anything can happen beyond the veil!  As with the Shamanic Reiki sessions, I may see past life trauma you have brought into this life, guides from this life or a past life, and physical and emotional areas of release. I offer readings as I do herbal consults, right here at the shop. Call or email to book an appointment.

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House Readings
House Clearing


$250 Combo


I also offer both House Clearings and House Readings. House Clearings include a full house smudging with various blends I use to neutralize negative energies and thought patterns that may be lingering, blessing the house, and protecting from future issues. I use several guides offering support and energetic guidance to help me see the source of the issue and ways to reduce reoccurrence. I offer the owners tools to be able to keep the house protected and cleared in the cost. 


House readings entail a walk through to see beyond the veil. I can see what spirits live in your house (or in the area). It's a great way to see what sprits may be lingering. I can also cross these spirits if they are willing, depending upon your needs. Every situation is unique. 


*House Clearing = $150 including a smudge blend and instructions for you. 
*House Readings = $150

Combination = $250


*includes travel within a 50 mile radius of where I live in Belmont. (.50c per mile beyond 50 miles)

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