Do you have a chronic condition you would like to address without drugs or do you want to integrate your health choices with herbal medicine? Scheduling a consultation is a great way to get your health on track.  I will spend at least an hour and a half talking with you about your diet, general life-style,  history and what ever else comes up.  I treat the whole person, not just the symptoms.  Herbs are powerful medicine working with your body, not against it. Click the link to email me and book an appointment or for more detailed information. 

Receive healing from the universal life force. Reiki healing is an amazing gift and can get to those parts of the body where your trauma resides; balance your chakras and get to the underlying stuck energies that cause dis-ease.

I have been trained by Reiki Masters in the Usui Tibetan Enhanced Tradition and infuse each session with the energy and guidance of my healing guides, ancestors, and archangels of the higher realms. A Shamanic Reiki Session also encompasses Plant Spirit Medicine, where I will see plants chosen especially for you to be either taken as whole plant medicine or a flower essences, or both. I have also been gifted Munay-Ki attunements that increase the connection to the higher realms. This combination of intensified healing energies helps to bring balance to your body, release stuck trauma and negative attachments. With your open mind and heart Reiki has the ability to heal at the deepest level and gets to the source of your imbalances. No amount of Reiki can heal you less you become an active participant and weaver of your own life's tapestry. I can facilitate and channel this life force, but you are ultimately the one that can make a difference in your life. Anyone touting anything different is continuing the same dysfunctional thinking in our world today. Don't give up YOUR power. 


Each session is a 45-minute hands-on Reiki session with 15 minute discussion. 

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I am also closed on apprentice weekends and some other weekend teaching events. Please see calendar for up-to-date hours.

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