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Chronic COVID - Natural Approaches to balance After the Vid.

Got the Vid? Most of us have and many are suffering from what is now termed “long haul covid’. As much as I abhor typifications like this, there is clearly something going on with this virus that creates lots of inflammation in the body and will capitalize on your underlying weaknesses. As a practicing clinical herbalist, I have seen lots of people who are suffering and have many tools to help this complex situation. This compilation of interventions is not at all a complete list, just the things I came up with while sitting here this morning drinking coffee and pondering this situation. Some made need a more catered approach for their very individual imbalances. That’s the beauty of natural interventions, it’s never a one-size-fits-all.

Why is this happening: The spike protein (not the virus) continues to circulate in the blood which causes inflammation in many areas of the body. (Imagine if your body was injected with a genetic therapy and was instructed to make this spike protein?) This inflammation causes all sorts of issues: joint and muscle pain, kidney issues, continued lung issues, hair loss (IMO related to red blood cell loss), fatigue, loss of taste and/or smell….this can go on for months. Dr. Bruce Patterson has done extensive work on this phenomena and has written several papers, which I will link for you to read. The link is an article you can read that contains lots of additional information regarding interventions you can use to reduce the inflammation as your body rides out the storm. Not your normal virus, that is for sure. typically people who suffer from 'long haul' are those that have chronic issues like Lyme Disease, ME/CFS etc. I do see many talk about Epstein Barr virus, but we have to realize that EBV is a virus that comes with the sickness called mononucleosis (the Kissing Disease). I have seen those with Lyme experience an awakening of this virus, much like a cold sore can come about because of lowered immunity. these interventions listed below will address the underlying issue which will in turn address any activated viruses that have been formant in the body. ME/CFS is associated with a retrovirus and is a much more complicated situation, but these interventions can still help. In my practice, I look at everyone as an individual, and this condition certainly calls for that. I see underlying conditions accelerate and become worse, cancers resurface, and all the other symptoms mentioned above. While Dr. Patterson will give you pharma meds to intervene, which clearly I am not opposed to, but people come to me for natural alternatives or I should say traditional approaches, so here it goes: I typically use extracts (1:5, 50-75% EtOH) dosed several times throughout the day. I also use teas, which when made properly (on the strong side and steeped overnight) are very effective. Supplements are listed at the end. Overall inflammation (joint/muscle/liver immune support too):

  1. Turmeric mixed with black pepper: use in food, tea, or encapsulations. 2 tsps daily.

  2. Cats Claw: In tea or extract, 1 quart tea daily or 1 tablespoon extract daily

  3. Corona with a Lemon Tea (highly recommended): a mixture of herbs I formulated for the virus. Includes olive leaf, cinchona bark, lomatium, osha, pau d’arco, mullein leaf, sweet annie, and several other ingredients. 1 to 2 quarts daily.

  4. Hibiscus tea: 3 cups daily (liver/kidney support too)

  5. Nettle leaf: Strong decoction (1/4 cup herb to 1 quart water, simmer low. Drink 4 cups daily)

  6. Black seed (Nigella sativa) extract or oil: 1 tablespoon daily.

Lungs (use in extract, tea or decoctions made into syrups with raw honey)

  1. Osha root: combine in tea as in above

  2. Mullein leaf: same as osha

  3. Lobelia leaf: extract made as above (with added vinegar) 5-10 drops as needed

  4. Grindellia leaf: extract made as above 1/2 dropper as needed


  1. combination of herbs in a strong tea infused overnight: cornsilk, marshmallow, varuna, tribulus, hydrangea, nettle leaf and seed.

  2. no coffee, alcohol

  3. D-mannose: for kidney inflammation. This sugar alcohol is made naturally in the body and lines the urinary tract helping to build the mucosal lining.

Fatigue and overall immune support

  1. Medicinal mushrooms in double extraction or decoction: Extraction: 3 tsps daily (I use a 14 mushroom blend. Other options: chaga, reishi, cordyceps, maitake. Eat whole mushrooms if possible. Maitake is known to raise white blood cell counts when eaten. I make an elixir called Deep Forest Immunity which contains 14 mushrooms, echinacea, eleuthero, and burdock root. (1 to 2 fluid ounces daily)

  2. Adaptogenic herbs: eleuthero, schisandra, ginseng, holy basil, rhodiola, aswaganda, astragalus. Tea: a combination works great, 2-4 cups daily. Some can be stimulating so drink before 3pm. In extract 2 to 3 tsps daily.


  1. NAC N-Acetyl-cysteine (600 mg daily) will reduce inflammation, support the liver to make glutathione, support the lungs as well. take DAILY.

  2. Quercetin: (1000 to 2,000mg daily): reduces overall inflammation and is a zinc ionophore to allow zinc into the cells.

  3. Zinc glycinate (or other chelated variety): antiviral and immune supportive.

  4. Iodine: known early on to be protective against viruses and supportive tot he thyroid too.

  5. B-complex (get from bee pollen too) to help build blood, support the liver, give you energy

  6. Vitamin A & Vitamin D3: get a natural form, not synthetic! Cod liver oil or salmon oil have good amounts of Vitamin D and include Vitamin A. Other sources of D or sheep lanolin. ( I take a NOW brand A and D with 10,000 IUs of A and 400 IUs of D). Synergy.

  7. Vitamin C: eat two kiwis daily or supplement a WHOLE FOOD FORM. typically from acerola berry. Vitamin C can be taken to bowl tolerance. You cannot OD on it as your body will just get rid of it (through very loose bowls) take 5,000 to 10,000 mgs daily. Liposomal C is the new thing. Delivering it in a fat molecule seems to help its absorbability and reduces stomach upset.

I do not endorse any vitamin manufacturers and I implore you all to do your own research, but the gist is this: whole food form, do not buy from Wal-mart or GNC (poor quality typically)

and find a friend at a health food store since they typically source good quality supplements. I suggest anyone who has had the virus and especially so if experiencing ‘long haul syndrome’ keep on a regimen for AT LEAST 6 months. Just do it. Stay on top of it. Yes, it’s a lot, but how much is your health worth?


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