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Sign up for my Nature Cares Package and receive a monthly care package full of herbal medicines featuring a plant of the month and products I make & sell here at Sacred Tree Herbals. Each package is $40 plus $9.95 shipping and will contain a monograph of the featured plant, an assortment of seasonal products ranging from hand selected tea blends, salves, lip balm, candles, culinary blends, stones, ceremonial sage, all-natural hand-crafted and formulated, preservative-free skin care products, and much more. The package will also contain instructions and information about the herbs you will be using, what they do in the body, and how to use each item as well as a little magic and loving self-affirmations you can use all year long. 


Each month will have a theme:

January - Apothecary Appeal: Hand selected items from the apothecary including teas, syrups, flower essences, extracts, and more!


February - For Lover's Only: Libido boosters, lubricants, stones, and love potions for you and the lover in your life. Not in a relationship?  That's ok!  This box will be full of things for self love too.  


March - Spring Fling: Gentle body cleansers for inside & out. Will include my Spring Clean tea, Detox Bath, Healing Gut Powder, and other products for cleansing inside and out.


April - Flower Power: herbal teas, salves, soaks, and other products made with love & flowers. 


May - Mud Season Means Skin Care - recieve several products from my Spa-Grade Skin Care line. 


June - Looking To Summer: A fun box full of Summery surprises; a little skin care, a little medicine, and a little information on common weeds you can find in your own back yard and how to use them! 


July - Sunshine & Feelin' Fine: Herbal Iced Tea, After Sun Spritzer, Bug Off! all-natural bug repellent, and other things to supplement the sunshine of Summer. 


August - Summer Wind Down: Culinary blends, recipes, herbal teas, and other products to gear up for the change in seasons. 


September - Falling Fast: Bone Soup Blend & Recipe (can be vegan or vegetarian friendly), immunity boosters, and other products to support the immune system. 


October - Sacred Space: Sacred Smudge Blend, Ceremonial Sage and all you need to smudge your space. Crystals and other fun things included too!


November - Hunkering Down: Tea Blends including my Warming Citrus Spice and Chai Blends, culinary blends for winter, some nourishing winter recipes, and more. 

December - Salt Baths & Snowflakes: Salt baths, bath oils, soothing lotions and salves, lip balm, Pain Cream, and other soothing products to help with pain and inflammation. 

****The field entitled Personal Medical Information is mandatory to fill out. I need to know what medications you are taking, if any, and if you have any allergies. Some of the products in each box will contain specific medicinal herbs that may be contradictory to the medications you are taking and may contain ingredients in which you may be allergic. Please let me know if you are allergic to any herbs in particular. After initial payment for 3 month or 12 month plan, credit card is required to be on file for monthly shipping charges to be added after the first month. I will reach out to you for that information. Please be sure to give accurate contact information. 

Nature Cares Package

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Nature Cares
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