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6 all-natural handmade products from the shop bundled together in a cute decrative silver tin can or sparkly silver box. Perfect for the Holiday Season as a host(ess) gift or for that person you are just not quite sure what to buy.  Make Your Own Basket not available online. 

The Spa Basket  - 4 oz Sugar Facial Scrub, 2 oz Gimme Moisture Face Cream, 2 oz Rose Facial toner, 8 oz Salt Scrub, 1 Smooth-as-Silk Lip Balm, 1 homemade soap.

The Apothecary Basket  - 8 oz Family Cough Syrup, 2, 2 oz (by weight) Pre-Made Herbal Teas in decorative tin, 4 oz Deep Immunity Syrup, My Bone Soup! Recipe & with herbal packet, 1 oz Extract of Echinacea.

Healthy Home Basket  - Natural bees wax candle tapers, Room Spray, Dryer Inserts, Crystal Clean all-purpose cleaner, tea lights, & loose ceremonial sage to burn.

Culinary Basket  - Includes 2 seaweed Blends (Seaweeds & Super seaweeds), The Daily Grind herbal spice mix, mulling spices, Golden Milk mix, Bone Soup! Recipe and herbal packet, 2 tea tins (2 oz by weight each)

Gift Basket

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