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Take that extra step and protect yourself from viruses. This kit works for ANY virus, but especially the Rona virus.  This kit will also address issues after the infection or after the injection.  Many people are suffering from immue dysfunction after their injections.  Support yoru body through it all.  Full directions/dosages and supplement list with purchase. 

Corona with a Lemon Tea - 4 oz- a blend of cinchona bark, olive leaf, sweet annie, oregon graperoot, mullein leaf, eleuthero root, elderberries, osha root, lomatium root, pau d'arco, angelic root, red sage, lemon peel. 

Deep Forest Immunity Syrup - 16oz - A mushroom complex with echinecea, burdock root, eleuthero root, local raw honey, and organic cane alcohol to preserve (20%)


Elderberry Syrup - 16oz - Elderberries, cinnamon, star anise, raw local honey, organic can alcohol. 

Black Seed - 1oz - also called black sesame this cold pressed oil is known for its medicinal benefits for allergies and parasites. 

Self Heal Tincture - 4 oz - anti-spike this amazing plant is also know as an antiviral.

$225 + shipping

Supplement list available upon purchase. 

C O V I D Care Kit

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