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Sacred Tree Herbals
SHOP HOURS- WED-SAT - 9:30-4:30

Embrace the beauty on the inside
with the beauty from the outside
The Shop 

My shop is located at 169 DW Highway, Unit 1 easily accessible off the traffic circle in Meredith. Look for the purple signs. I carry over 200 types of culinary and medicinal herbs, hand-crafted skin care items, syrups, aromatherapy items, several types of medicinal and asian teas, as well as  yummy flavored teas too. There will always be a person here knowledgable about herbs and how to use them, so come for some advice or just come to shop for a gift. 


WED-SAT 9:30-4:30

Tea Pot
The Shop at 48 Main

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New collaborations and Affiliations

I have started a Substack blog/ and Podcast called Living In Circle.


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I am teaching herbal medicine with two amazing people: Dr. James Lyons-Weiler and Dr. Michael Gaeta. Check out their websites and other classes they offer to empower yourself with your health and empower yourself with knowledge to help you cut through the craziness currently going on all around us.  

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