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Anni Jakobson

Anni Jakobsen has been Neurofeedback trainer for over a decade and as a former EMT and an instructor, she saw the benefits of neurofeedback with her colleagues which helped in processing some of the graphic scenes inherent in the job. She become interested in Neurofeedback at the suggestion of a neurologist, due members of her family suffering from Lyme disease. After years of struggles with cognitive problems, fatigue, mild depression, and sleep impairment; they welcomed neurofeedback into their lives and saw remarkable improvement. With time the long lasting side-effects of Lyme disappeared. From this experience she decided to get certified as a trainer in Neurofeedback to give other people an opportunity to heal. Neurofeedback has many applications and can benefit a broad range of conditions: PTSD, Head Injury, and in general conditions of the nervous system.  Undoubtedly the greatest joy is seeing people realize the benefits of doing Neurofeedback and moving towards greater wellness, and maximizing their potential by minimizing short and long term issues that restrict their wellbeing.

Anni is also trained in Reiki and have used it for the last 30 years 

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