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The truth About vaccines 10-part Series.  WATCH FIRST

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Information I have accumulated in my 20+ research experience. - Mitochondrial dysfunction - effects of low dose thimerisol - more on mercury and children - autism  - an example of bad science: poor study design using a low number of participants studying antigen exposure and autism rates.  Set up to fail.  Autism isn't cause by antigens.  This is not the argument being made by experts in the field.  Autiam is likely associated with heavy metal exposure (mercury and aluminum adjuvants) and may also be associated with the other toxins/excipients in the vaccines as well as fetal cell lines used to manufacture vaccines. - Dr. Suzanne Humphries book details about smallpox and polio. - the Amish Anomoly - a bit of history about vaccination!po=17.5000 - Infant mortality correlated with increases in dosage levels - pharma companies have been sued many times over for fraudulent data and injuries from their products. - autism, aluminum exposure, and acetaminophen. - Live virus vaccines and shedding. - polio vaccine - 214 papers supporting the vaccine/autsim link. quick video about infant's immune systems and the futility of vaccinations. - retroviruses from mice.  An important aspect of contamination in vaccines. - an article claiming that polio has been eradicated from Africa (polio was never really a problem in Africa in recent decades. - Videos about polio and how Africa NOW has a polio problem due to oral polio vaccine (OPV) viral shedding.  The OPV is not used in the US anymore because it CAUSES polio. - MS and the Hep B vaccine - white papers on vaccine issues - measles vaccine doesn't stop infection or transmission and destroys natural immunity. 

Check back periodically as I will be adding more!

All About Aluminum

To the OP: You should have paid attention in algebra (...and calculus).

Half-life of aluminum in the blood is five or six weeks, but for tissues it is very long, with a half life of several years for aluminum in the brain. So even if, as a previous commenter said, 98% of Aluminum is excreted in the urine, this process happens over months or even years. 

Metals are especially toxic because of their incredibly long half-lives. Since they are excreted slowly, they are able to build up in tissues before they are excreted. Now I will dismantle your argument. 

Let me be incredibly conservative, and say that the half-life for ALL aluminum in the body has a half-life 5.5 weeks, instead of somewhere between 5.5 weeks and several years. Infants receive their first series of vaccines of about 3.8 mg of Al in eight week intervals, which means that at the time of their second doses, 1.4 mg of the aluminum from the first dose is still present in the baby's body, so the total is 5.1 mg of aluminum. At the time of the third dose in the series at 24 weeks, there is enough aluminum left from the first doses to total 5.7 mg. An additional series is given at 9 months, for 5.0 mg total. At fifty two weeks, this year old baby still has 0.7 mg of aluminum in its body, and never had less than 1.3 mg until the 47th week. 

At a rate of 40 mcg/ day and a half life of 5.5 weeks the total accumulated ingested aluminum from breastmilk is about 1.9 mg for the entire first year. But according to medscape, only 0.3% of orally administered aluminum is absorbed by the GI tract, so the total naturally accumulated aluminum is 5.7 mcg. 

So in summary, at one day during the first year of life, the aluminum level in the infant's body reaches 1000x the amount it would naturally metabolize in an entire year. At no point during the first year after the first dose does the infant have less than 100x that amount. Recall that for the benefit of this argument I chose to use a conservative half-life of 5.5 weeks. With a more realistic half-life, these results would be much much higher. 

This should clearly demonstrate that vaccination subjects infants to concentrations of toxic metals several orders of magnitude higher than they would naturally encounter. It is careless and foolish to simply assume that vaccines that include metallic immune stimulators have no impact on early childhood development when the neurological effects of toxic metals are well-documented.




DTaP (for Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis): 170-625 mcg, depending on manufacturer
* Hepatitis A: 250 mcg
* Hepatitis B: 250 mcg
* HIB (for meningitis; PedVaxHib brand only): 225 mcg
* HPV: 225 mcg
* Pediarix (DTaP Hepatitis B Polio combination): 850 mcg
* Pentacel (DTaP HIB Polio combination): 1500 mcg
* Pneumococcus: 125 mcg 
If an infant receives all vaccines and their boosters they are pumped a dose of aluminum that is far past what is considered safe levels.


Your refutations to anti-vaxers....Interesting perspective, considering the Hannah Poling case in the USA who won compensation for vaccine induced encephalitis that in turn caused her autism. Whose father by the way is a respected neurologist. On top of that I'm confused as to why many cases in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in the USA are being won on the grounds of vaccines causing encephalitis and resultant brain damage, if this doesn't ever happen. Just wondering why the USA has an entire court dedicated to this area of compensation alone if vaccine damage doesn't occur and why since 1988 around $2 billion dollars of compensation have been paid to parents for killed or maimed children due to vaccination. and Also interesting in light of the fact that Dr Hiroki Nakatani who is a leading doctor in Japan who has worked in the area of immunisation and for the WHO at various times recommended that the MMR vaccine be banned in Japan in the 90's due to the dangerous adverse reactions that were happening. By the way it WAS banned and Dr Nakatani didn’t however, recommend banning all vaccinations just one that was unsuitably risky. Also interesting to note that there have been various other studies all over the world that concur with Dr Andrew Wakefield's work on MMR vaccine damage (follow this story up if you are interested in a more balanced perspective). Mr Deer (a journalist) who originally dis-credited Wakefield's study in the UK also just happened to work for a 'Murdoch' owned newspaper and also important to note that Lachlan Murdoch sat on the board of Glaxo-Smith Kline and was paid 100,000 pounds a year to do so. Certainly no conflict of interest there. On top of that the judge that disallowed a group of parents whose children were treated by Wakefield into court to have their stories heard just happened to be the brother of another of Glaxo-Smith Kline's board members. As we know there couldn't possibly ever be corruption at the top end of society in the name of financial naive of me to think it could be so. I am not an anti-vaxer I am pro-choice and pro-transparency and accountability for big business especially when it comes to the health of our children. So before you blindly accept the opinions of others search out some truth for yourself, in particular look at the product information from the pharmaceutical companies themselves and the adverse reactions database that many countries allow their populations to access. It is important to keep the debate respectful and it is vitally important that people in what we call the 'free' world have a choice over what they put into their bodies or the bodies of their children. I believe the one size fits all approach to vaccination in Australia is unethical and unsuitably risky for some. A great resource to delve further into this idea is the work of Dr Natasha Campbell McBride who is a neurologist and wrote the GAPS book or Gut and Psychology Syndrome. She advocates for testing to establish the state of a child's gut flora to assess the likelihood of vaccine damage. If the child may be susceptible then she aims on repairing gut balance so they can then be vaccinated. A MUCH more balanced perspective than the ALL OR NOTHING approach we seem to see bandied about all over the internet.




FDA limits to aluminum be ingestion are way lower than what children get when vaccinated. Remember to convert msgs to Mg/L.





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