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Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine

Human papilloma virus (HPV) is an often sexually transmitted virus that likes to live in the genital area of both women and men. It is one virus of many that create genital or other types of warts on the human body.  HPV surveillance is conducted by gynecologists when they do an internal exam in women which is part of routine preventative care.  A PAP smear is used to detect HPV and women all over the world undergo these tests to screen for HPV.  Screening is done because HPV can cause cervical cancer.   As a clinical herbalist I have address HPV infection in women and have been able to clear it with herbs and supplements, but you would think this infection is a death sentence if you listen to doctors and media.  this vaccine is unnecessary.  Why? Internal exams and diagnostics in testing for HPV are a consistent part of a women's healthcare, HPV is detected and measures are administered to stop the infection.  the infection itself is cleared from the body in 95% of cases.  Infections tend to become a problem for a few reasons, but like all illnesses, nutrition plays an important role.  Below are a list of links so you can do your own research in regards to the safety and efficacy of these vaccines and how you can support your body so you need not worry about cervical cancer. 


In this 10-part vaccine series you will learn about vaccines safety from doctors in the field from pediatricians, gynecologists, scientists, and researchers.  This link in particular shows an interview with Diane Harper, a gynecologist working on the HPV vaccine Gardasil as an expert in the field.  Her description of the process to get this vaccine to market is telling, and the CDC should be held liable for unethical clinical trial methodology and marketing of this dangerous vaccine. With aluminum in this vaccine and 3 doses in the schedule, it's no wonder many women fall sick, become infertile, and even die after administration.


Use: Username is: sara and  Password is: XAHm#($^x0Ur to watch.

This article I'll post for a learning experience.  As typical the industry touts safety has been proven.  This of course is false a is for all vaccines on the childhood schedule (and adults schedule for that matter).  CDC routinely allows the industry to do their own science and using other vaccines as a 'placebo' in proving safety.  A placebo is supposed to be an inert substance, but not for vaccines.  almost ALL vaccines ont he schedule do not use a true placebo, so safety can never be established since the other vaccine contains toxins.  Sometimes the placebo is listed as the vaccine less the antigen (the protein of the virus) and includes all other excipients: amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate, sodium chloride, L-histidine, polysorbate 80, sodium borate, yeast protein.

Read the insert.  Always, ALWAYS read the inserts to any vaccine.,%20blood%20&%20biologics/published/Package-Insert---Gardasil.pdf





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